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3 Myths About Child’s Sleep

Author: Dorothy (Wysocka) Bradshaw

I can clearly remember, the very moment I gave birth to my daughter. I was buried in feelings of love and gratitude. And almost immediately, I was inundated by well-intentioned, “You should…you’ll want to…you’ve got to…”  

Popular myths that were shared included:  

Myth #1:  

Never wake a sleeping child  


• Newborns need to eat frequently in order to consume sufficient calories. Maintenance/gain of bodyweight is particularly important in the first few weeks of life and in order to achieve this, you may need to wake your newborn so that they can feed every two to three hours  

• There is a direct correlation between excessive daytime sleep and middle of the night wake ups. In order for your child to have appropriate night-time sleep, it may be best to wake them from excessively long daytime naps  

Myth #2:  

It take months for children to learn to sleep throughout the night  


• In the world of infant and child sleep science, we define ‘sleeping through the night’ as a 10 to 12-hour period of uninterrupted by feeding night-time sleep. In order to achieve this milestone, children generally must first meet developmental, bodyweight, feeding pattern and feeding frequency thresholds. 

• Some parents are fortunate enough to have a child that sleeps – without assistance or intervention – through the night before their first birthday. However, many parents may need to wait longer and /or provide assistance. 

Myth #3: 

Children should sleep in their own rooms  


• The American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization both recommend that infants share a room with their primary caregivers for at least six months, ideally through to the first birthday. Please don’t confuse room-sharing with bed-sharing  

• Beyond safety concerns, room-sharing can make feeding easier as well as help to reduce the stress and anxiety levels often experienced by new parents  

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