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All You Need Is Love & A Strong (Wi-Fi) Connection

Author: Evelyn Oteng-Pabi

Next year – it’s happening, and I cannot wait!

Not only do I marry and become wife to the best man I know and the one who always makes me laugh but I become a Bonus Mom/Stepmother and continued bestie to my fiancé’s daughter whom I love very much. Both are roles, I very much look forward to, and take very seriously.

Pre-COVID, I had the pleasure of visiting this beautiful island multiple times not only to bond with my partner and his loving family, but most importantly to bond with Liv.

I thought I’d share some our favourite virtual play dates, tips and tools used, in hopes that if you find yourself farther away than you would like from your loved ones, during  this crazy time – you can still stay connected, engaged and loved.

WhatsApp /Skype/ FB Video Call:

Our favourite and most common app to use for our video calls and virtual playdates is WhatsApp. We love WhatsApp because it’s free and the call quality is clear. We show loads of love all through our phone.

Birthdays & Celebrations:

It’s tough to be there for every special moment or celebration in a long distance relationship across borders. We ensure that we are a part of each other’s special moments, by video calling each other to join in on opening presents, cutting cakes, singing songs, etc.

Virtual Greeting Cards:

We also use online virtual cards that allow you to send a group video card or have multiple signatures on one card. Your loved ones won’t miss out on receiving a card from you ever.

Rave – Movie Nights Together:

Who doesn’t love movie time! I love this app, it’s my favourite for us to catch up on shows together and bond as a family. We can share a private room, so it’s only me and Liv and her Daddy. We can talk to each other while the video is playing in the background and send messages.

Use Your Imagination!

Liv and I love having a tea party. We put on different voices and accents and pretend to be high society ladies. Liv makes a delicious cup of e-tea, and of course I drink every drop! We also host talent shows, fashion shows and dance parties.

Here’s a spin on an old favourite…we also play hide and seek. We’re the best at this game! Liv takes the phone with her to hide some- where in the house, and Daddy has  to find us. We all take turns. It’s tons of fun!

Just Being Present:

Until it’s safe for us to see each other again, just being present is enough.

I can’t have dinner with them in the flesh, but sometimes I can just be present at the dinner table, on the phone watching Liv as she munches away on something delicious that Chef Daddy made. Or other times it’s just being propped up on the pillow, chatting with her as she plays her favourite games on her tablet.

Planning for a Better Future:

All these things I enjoy. But my favourite is planning what we are going to do the next time we are blessed to see each other. We get out paper and pens and brainstorm all the great ideas we have.

Better days are coming…

Liv, Her Daddy and I know that better days are just around the corner and look forward to those days…but until then, we’ll continue to see each other, bond with each other and love each other, as much as we can – virtually.


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