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When what you love is rooted in your ‘why’, creating a business around it is a no brainer. As the owner of CAF.Bermuda, Art Therapy Services (Children, Adolescent and Family Art Therapy Services) my goal is to help improve the emotional wellbeing and the mental health of children, teens, and women.

So who am I?

I’m a mother of two adult children 26 and 24. I’m an artist, teacher, and Art Psychotherapist. I specialize in working with children and adolescents with PTSD and trauma-related issues. I am trained at the Master’s level as an Art Psychotherapist having previously completed a B.A. in Fine Art Education with a teaching certification. Yup, in my former life I was an art teacher.

Even more, I have a certification in using the CATT model (Children’s Accelerated Trauma Training). This technique was developed by art therapists working with survivors after the genocide in Rwanda to help the community process and heal from trauma-related PTSD.

What is Art Therapy?

Simply put, Art therapy is a creative option to talk therapy. The creative capabilities either through painting, drawing, sewing, poetry, pottery, etc allow for thoughts and feelings to be processed to help improve emotional wellbeing and mental health. This form of psychotherapy is a unique means of exploring all aspects of the person.


I started the groundwork for CAF in January of 2020. But just as I was about to ramp up services, COVID happened. I wasn’t sure of the direction of CAF at that point, but like others, I pivoted the business model to a 100% virtual service.

There are various specialized groups to meet the needs of everyone throughout the year and individual sessions can be booked to meet personal needs at any time. All service includes a personalized CAF kit with all the art materials needed for sessions and when supplies get low, I top them up.

It’s important to know that my sessions, art therapy, are not art classes. And that you don’t have to be ‘good at art’ to participate in any of my offers. There only needs to be a willingness to engage and show up for your healing.

Details to book any service can be found on my website www.cafbermuda.com or email info@cafbermuda.com


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