Focus on the EnvironmentBe Solar - The Affordable Renewable Energy

Be Solar – The Affordable Renewable Energy

Eighty-six years ago, Bermuda Engineering Company was founded by renewable energy pioneer Gordon Hamilton Burland who installed Bermuda’s first wind powered microgrid and designed a solar hot water panel for Bermuda roofs. In 1935 this demonstrated bold energy leadership as he sought to shift the status quo in Bermuda by helping to care for our natural resources with clean renewable energy technology.

In 2022, Bermuda still relies heavily on imported fossil fuel making our island a vulnerable, polluting nation. Many people in our country feel powerless about their energy bills and seek ways to save money and help our environment. The team at BE Solar sees the energy injustices in our community. They feel the vulnerability and hear the challenges that people face with paying high electricity bills and oil on top of their rooftops. We feel that we must act with urgency!

Today they strive to continue the legacy of their founder and help uplift our community to become self reliant with renewable energy. After years researching and testing different technologies, we continue to use reliable products that provide the greatest impact specific to our island. We pay some of the highest rates in the world for our electricity and most of the money we spend on fossil fuel is exported off the island. This is not sustainable! Their goal is to empower more people to help current and future generations to save money and to end burning fossil fuel on our precious island home.

Since 2010 their experienced team has operated as BE Solar, focusing on helping people make sensible high quality investments in reliable clean energy solutions. They provide hope for future generations and are destined to achieve an efficient Bermuda powered by affordable renewable energy.

They promise to deliver reliable energy solutions to property owners that want to invest in a long term financial strategy and to fight the climate crisis.

When will you join the movement to reduce energy costs and our carbon footprint? We are in this together.

BE Solar
48 St. Johns Road, Pembroke, HM 07, Bermuda
T: (441) 279-5907
E: info@besolar.bm


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