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Bring Back Those Holiday Vibes

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

The holidays make my family happy. The holidays make me happy too. Happiness can elude us, but not during this holiday. Not if I can help it. Parents, I know you are with me on this.  It has already been a tough 2 years or so and we are going to create something new, something that feels good and brings back those great holiday vibes.

Picture this: The pure joy and nostalgia of holiday food and music. I hurriedly pull out the Maria Carey version of ‘All I want for Christmas is You” and the forever favorite Christmas instrumental Kenny G and of course those beautiful Christmas hymns (my husband’s absolute favorite). The brotherly banter of our 3 sons and way too many lights strung inside and outside signal that we are on our way to making some more happy, joyful memories. Like your family – we need this season now more than ever. Earl Klugh and Bob Marley remind me of growing up in the Caribbean where the smell of Christmas cake (generously steeped in rum) was intoxicating as we played outside with siblings and neighborhood friends. 

The last 2 holidays seasons have been safe and quiet. We now desire unrestricted joyful noise and plentiful overdue laughter that reminds us of the truth of our human connection, love, gratitude, and family. Tough times, disappointments, and loss will take a pause, and instead full joy and happiness will take center stage. The rituals of setting the table, preparing dinner (don’t forget the cranberry sauce – again!), making that coveted dessert or anticipated gravy, will dish up a quilted holiday woven together with unconditional love. 

Whatever you do this holiday, make it BIG. This holiday season deserves some new twists of some old ways of celebration. Make the holidays special this year with the renewed vibes of sheer joy and abundant love. Find someone different from you or who may be on their own and invite them over. When we share our home, our meal, and our time, we create an opportunity to truly share love, joy, and happiness. These are all the vibes we need to celebrate and cherish what is most valuable – relationships. 

Wishing you and your family a happy, joyful, and laugh-out-loud holiday! Be well.


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