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Specializing in Zero based budgets.

I had completed college with debt from student loans, no savings, and a 3-year-old son to support. My monthly expenses always ended in a negative result, while living paycheck to paycheck; the norm for me.

For years, I wrote a list of Bills I had to pay for the month, happily ticking off as I paid them, but still had no savings or emergency fund at the end of the period. I could not tell you where the “rest of the money went to”. This cycle continued for years. Living paycheck to paycheck equated to asking a family member or friend for help and having to pay back funds. How Familiar does: “do you have $100.00 you can lend me until pay day”?

I had to change, tired of living this way. One day I asked a co-worker to help me do a spreadsheet listing my Income, debt and monthly expenses. This changed my life! Something about seeing it in black, white and NEGATIVE RED. There was no denying I had to change. Often, we ignore how bad our finances really are.

The work began; I had to check in with her every payday; we developed a payment plan and budget. The difference: this time I had someone holding me accountable, making sure I did all my debt payments, and sticking to my budget. I gave myself a year to be debt free, which was accomplished! celebrating with a Debt free Party and a heartfelt, honest, raw speech to my close friends about my journey with money; I finally felt free, a big weight was lifted, no longer afraid to talk about money. It became my new passion! Some might even say I became obsessed with it.

In 2013 I moved to St, David’s and lived next to neighbors whom quickly became exceptionally good friends. We had many talks about money and budgets. They introduced me to the Cash Envelope System. I started to follow Dave Ramsey and Sue Orman; creating and playing with spreadsheets, while talking with friends and family about finances, encouraging them to save. I quickly became the go to person for helping to put one’s finances in place. I have been invited to talk to parents at PTA meetings, young adults in The Mirrors program, personal functions and one on one sessions. little did I know, my journey with money help birth Budget Buddy.

The objective of Budget Buddy is to help individuals and or families learn to budget each paycheck; set and reach their financial goals, hand in hand. Services consist of one on one overview, create and format budget, however, the client sets the budget and we help you stay on track. Check-ins can be weekly, monthly or yearly depending on the client’s confidence. To exercise dedication and affix to the budget as no budget is too small.

One of my favorite things to do is money challenges.

Bermuda, parents and readers, let’s do a $100.00 savings per month with me. Send a photo of your yourself /family holding your challenge sheet with a quick word on what you are going to do with it. Please forward to Parent Magazine

If you are ready for the change, call Budget Buddy!
Email budget.buddy@outlook.com
What’s app me on 517-5875


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