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Christmas Activity Kits to Boost Creativity

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

Hands-on construction skills are being pushed out by electronics!!  With a little creativity of your own, you can compile an activity package for a child in your life that will peak their imagination, strengthen fine motor dexterity, improve spatial awareness skills and provide hours of fun.

Many of the supplies can be gathered at thrift stores, or from around your house.  Include unique loose parts and odd bits to really get them thinking.  Put everything in a large plastic container for easier storage (& wrapping). The ideas are endless. Here are a few to get you started.

Pillow Fort Kit – 2-3 flat sheets, a roll of string, clamps/clips, clothespins, pillow, good book, flashlight

Dress-Up Kit – costume pieces, shoes/slippers, mirror, accessories (hat, belt, necklace, bandana, purses, sunglasses..)

Construction Kit – large cardboard box, smaller boxes (cereal boxes, shoe boxes,…), duct tape, stickers, bingo dotter, markers, road tape

Outdoor Mud Kitchen – pot, jug, wooden spoon, strainer, plastic plate, plastic cup, crate, lg pail

Craft Kit – different types of paper (construction, card stock, sandpaper, blank paper), googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pompoms, paint, glitter (OK…not everyone loves glitter as much as I do),  random bits (ribbon, buttons, bottle lids, string, straws, toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper bits), glue, scissors, tape, markers, crayons, washi tape

Baking kit – cookie mix, icing, cookie cutters, sprinkles, apron, wooden spoon, a couple non-bake cookie recipes

S’mores kit  – bag of marshmallows, graham crackers, choc. chips, skewers, bedtime story

Submitted by Jill Davidson

Occupational Therapist



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