Focus on the EnvironmentEco-Friendly Living In Bermuda

Eco-Friendly Living In Bermuda

More and more homeowners are considering eco-friendly finishes and fittings for their properties. A slow process but one that is gaining momentum with each year.

Maintaining a home and every day expenses can be costly, can add up.

Electricity can be considered costly.

Water usage is dependent upon rainfall consistency, firstly.

Efficiency throughout a home can have its ups and downs with our climate and building structure.

If being an environment-conscious homeowner or tenant is at the top of your list, here are Things To Look For when creating a more earth-happy environment within your home and during your stay, here in Bermuda:

  1. energy-efficient appliances
  2. sealed windows
  3. eco-friendly flooring
  4. onsite composting system
  5. using waste water for flushing/other
  6. electric car charger
  7. gas appliances
  8. adjustable a/c, heat system
  9. ceiling fans to circulate air, distribute air properly
  10. solar energy

(and, while outdoors):

  1. beach cleanup events
  2. recycling programs
  3. plants around the exterior of the house (and within)
  4. clean water tank
  5. paint-friendly (no lead)
  6. proper humidity system

The first environment that needs your care is yours. Improve your immediate environment and you improve your self then others and surrounding communities.

Written by,

Tamika Todd

Licensed Real Estate Broker
Managing Director
Platinum Realty
Award-Winning Real Estate Brokerage Firm
16 years and counting


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