EDSOMA: This Reading App is a Game Changer!

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Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers is a saying that can’t be repeated often enough when laying out the benefits of reading to our little ones.  

Over the recent years, several reading apps have helped millions of families and schools to improve the access to books and to increase the interest in reading. Organizations like READ-WRITE-BERMUDA have successfully implemented digital reading into their splendid programs with children and are further expanding on that front.

Now there is one new reading app that seems destined to be every family’s favorite among the learning apps. Edsoma does not just give access to books, it also makes it possible for your little ones to read with you, even if you are far away. ” I created this app because I am a divorced parent and still wanted to read to my kids when I’m not with them,” says Kyle Wallgren, the CEO of Edsoma.

Wallgren addressed a problem not just divorced households face but also those with one or both parents having to travel for work. Also, veterans can now read with their children despite being many time zones apart.

But the app has another key ingredient. “If the child reads aloud by him or herself, the app will listen correct the child if a word is not pronounced correctly.” Wallgren adds.” It is like a virtual reading coach”. 

This solves a big problem indeed as early learners often mispronounce or mix up words or even skip some altogether.  Unless a parent or teacher was right there checking on the read-aloud in progress there was really no other option to make sure the child read the words correctly.  

The app has received raving reviews during its current Beta testing in the US and already lined up collaborations with schools and tutoring companies. Wallgren – who has a child suffering from a reading disorder and therefore struggled to find love for reading in his younger years – is excited about the feedback:   ” Especially the increased confidence we see in children using the app, combined with the boosted passion for learning, and actually learning how to read words correctly. Edsoma is set to be available to the public next month, but sign-ups for pre-subscriptions have already started on their website.


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