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Flexibility is Key

The role of the caregiver is one which is ever evolving and adapting. From the birth of their first child, parents begin their long road of learning ‘on the job’. This rings true when considering the parental gymnastics required to manage the unpredictable nature of the toddler. It seems that once you become familiar with what to expect from your child, they change it or surprise you with something new altogether. One adage which comes to mind when considering the life of the toddler, is; ‘change is the only constant’.

A challenge many parents face with their preschooler is embracing the chaos that perpetual change in development brings. These changes could be verbal (emerging communication skills), social-emotional (pursuit of growing independence) cognitive (understanding of the world around them), or physical (adapting to their forming bodies). The development of the toddler is a rapid one and often, both caregiver and child can be left feeling frustrated or confused.

It is often noted that structure is your child’s best friend (unbeknownst to them). However, there is also something to be said for flexibility. As parents we can be hard on ourselves when things are not going according to plan. Insert a toddler into the mix and those plans can be derailed quite quickly. Knowing that there are going to be times when things may not look or feel like what we imagined, is something to overcome. However, it can also be freeing to let go of all preconceived notions about the scenario (activity, outing, naptime etc.) and be in the moment, open to change.

At the end of the day, parents can rest assured knowing that much of their child’s development exists in experiences which cannot be planned or scripted. What better environment for embracing change?

Alexandra Lima is the Owner of Bermuda Kids, a licensed Kindermusik™ program offering early childhood education music and movement. For more information on Bermuda Kids:

Website: www.bermudakids.kindermusik.com

Email info@bdakids.com

Instagram @bermuda.kids

Facebook: @bermudakids

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