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For teachers to connect

As an educator, making connections with your students and their families is one of the most important areas that you can dedicate your time to that will have a huge payoff.

# 1

Start Small:

Newsletters are a great way to help families stay connected with their child’s school experience. Once you begin this form of communication, continue doing so throughout the school year. Parents appreciate having this information as it makes them feel included.

# 2

Ask Questions:

Send surveys at the beginning of the year to learn more about your students and their families. Ask about their home life, pets, siblings, nicknames, second languages spoken in the home, family schedule, who to include in e-mails, etc. Use this information to further your connection with them.

# 3


Set aside time in the evenings so that each family receives a monthly call to share good news or just to check-in. You’ll strengthen your relationship and learn a lot more about your students during these five to ten-minute discussions. Always follow up with a parent who has expressed a concern. If need be, schedule a meeting with them.

# 4


Is there a student who is continually late to school and has a difficult time beginning their day? Sympathise with their situation, offer advice and support and set aside time to provide a warm and caring welcome every morning to that student. Reach out to learn more about what may be preventing them from arriving to school on time and ways that you can help.

# 5

Make Positive Changes:

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is the foundation for all positive learning and relationships and is paramount to student success. SEL focuses on how teachers and students learn how to be self and socially aware, manage their emotions, build relationships and learn how to make responsible decisions. Research more about SEL and advocate for your school to create a Social and Emotional Action Plan that supports all learners.

The Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning’s personalised learning approach focuses on developing a positive rapport with their students. Learn more about BCCL at www.bccl.bm BPM


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