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Fun With Beach Balls Without The Sand

Author: Tamisha Greene 

I love when I’m challenged with creating over-the-top celebrations for clients. Creatively synchronising their overall design vision to the most intricate and minute detail is absolutely my passion. However, there are times when intentionally simplicity is absolutely necessary and just as valuable. 

When creating atmospheres for kids, the approach is the same. Although over the top can speak volumes in many ways, understated atmospheres can too. Kids are actually quite easy to please.

  We are coming to the end of the school year from quite a dramatic, and for many, traumatic, world crisis. It has caused us to intentionally search for the importance of live again. The pulp and circumstance faded away in an instant and the simpler things became brighter and valuable again. Hence, we created a ‘simpler thing’ for kids to enjoy!  

This approach takes us back to playing outside in the sun until we are tired at the end of day. But what do young children love while playing at the beach that they love just as much when they are out in the yard? Beachballs! 

The best thing about beach-balls is they are made in an array of colours, can boast festive patterns and come in a host of sizes!  

My initial plan was to create a fun, outdoor space that my nine nieces, yes, nine, and all under the age of 12, could enjoy. 

I began with the intentional placement of the balls in relation to size, shape and patterning. When designing spaces, I always take into consideration how pictures would look at every angle, something for you to keep in mind when trying this at home. 

When the girls arrived, they were so excited to see the beach balls. They ran between them, picked them up, tossed the around and at each other. There was so much laughter and joy (with a few bumps and falls) in the midst of the beach ball chaos! And the great part of creating a space like this is moms and dads can join in as well.  

When thinking about creating fun spaces for children to enjoy, sometimes it’s the simplest items which can bring the greatest joy. What’s better than beach balls and laughter! 

Tamisha Greene is the owner of Ambiance Bermuda, a boutique design company specialising in interior and event design services. BPM 


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