Would your kids enjoy a fun, fast-paced sport? Try Futsal!

Coach Peter Rickards, the Founder and Technical Director of CP Athletic Development Academy, describes Futsal as a fast-paced game that requires quick, on-the-move thinking.

Founded in Bermuda in 2012, CP Athletic Development Academy is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of Futsal. In 2019, the academy expanded its operations to the U.K.

Coach Rickards has been coaching football for over 20 years and Futsal for 10. At CP Academy “We have a dedicated and certified (Level 1 Futsal, SCARS certified) staff of 4 coaches and 2 teenage assistants who are both also Futsal Level 1 Licensed. We have over 100 members, spread across 5 Groups and our ages range from 4 years old to adult men and women,” he says.

Futsal is considered:
  • Safe: Futsal restricts physical play and doesn’t allow tackling. So, it’s generally considered safer than soccer.
  • Continuous: Futsal players must continue the play instead of stopping and having time to watch. This can be demanding which develops good physical conditioning.
  • Fast-paced: With the four-second restart rule and constant pressure from the opposition, Futsal players must think and act quickly.
Coach Rickards – how is Futsal different from football?

“It differs in that it is played indoors, 5 players per team and with a small ball that does not bounce. The advantage of this is that the ball remains on the ground longer, giving the players more touches. In a futsal game it has been shown that players touch the ball up to 600% more than in a football game and goalkeepers handle the ball up to 400% more. More touches and time spent with the ball ensures that players develop their technical skills much quicker than in football.”

What are the benefits of Futsal?

“The futsal court makes everything faster and requires quick thinking. The combination of the court and ball allows for more control of the action. This means that it allows the player with the ball better control which in turn facilitates a better perception of time and space to play. The players without the ball take advantage of this, and create much more movement, generating faster technical, tactical and physical development.”

How do you keep the kids interested?

“We keep them interested by putting on high intensity drills. Our coaches provide very quick explanations and demonstrations of the drills so that the players spend more time playing as opposed to standing still listening to a coach. Our water breaks are less than a minute and our drills are structured to teach actions that you would use in a game. We also leave plenty of time during our sessions for match play with little or no instruction from the coaches so that the players can attempt the skills without fear of failure.”

Final thoughts?

“We have expanded our program to provide Futsal instruction to a few football clubs. We would like to see more football clubs take advantage of the benefits of futsal. Countries like Brazil and Portugal have long used Futsal as a method of developing football skills, especially in the young/developing player and we would like to see Bermuda mirror this method of development as it has been proven to produce superior technical players!”

For further information contact: cpathleticdevelopment@gmail.comwww.cpathletic.com


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