Focus on the EnvironmentGo Minimalist with Postpartum Services

Go Minimalist with Postpartum Services

Celebrating a pregnancy has become full of milestones and commercialism; pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, maternity photoshoots, baby showers and welcome home gifts. All of these are beautiful and you and your baby deserve to be celebrated, a lot of waste is generated between the decorations that never get used again, plastic packaging of catered foods and gifts, and even in the fast fashion maternity outfits. 

What if you skipped all of that, saved money and the environment and invested in all the postpartum services that support you into parenthood? Most of us know the many ways to be eco friendly during pregnancy and parenthood; cloth diapers, reusable pads or menstrual cups, make your own baby food, use glass bottles and jars, buy secondhand or thrift. With the world as spaced out as it’s ever been, having a village of professionals to help before and after baby arrives is a sure way to be less stressed and avoiding the rabbit hole of trendy gadgets that never gets used. 

Cloth Diapers

I recently saw a post in a Facebook group on gifting parents with support services so that less “things” were needed to take the place of a village and I was immediately sold. The most common thing I see with new parents is the overwhelm of adjusting to parenthood – and this is without adding pregnancy and/or life complications. There is an abundance of unused washcloths or impractical outfits that never get worn but no one to help clean the house or assist with breastfeeding. Asking friends and family to put money towards services instead of material things not only helps the environment by not buying into industries that create so much pollution, plastic, carbon emissions and harmful, chemical laden products but also helps prepare you for life after birth. 

Taking childbirth education and parenting education classes go a long way to preparing you for pregnancy, birth and thereafter. There is so much information that you won’t get from movies or social media; more likely you’ll get misinformation from those sources. Learning about your body and what it needs helps normalize so much of what is happening and can help you make better choices on what is needed in your home. Maybe cloth diapers aren’t for you but you decide you don’t need a bassinet, crib, AND a dock-a-tot. You can make informed, conscious decisions on what to spend money on and if it aligns with your ecofriendly journey.

A birth doula helps you and your partner prepare for and during labor physically, emotionally and mentally. Even though most are trained to comfort and assist you in navigating difficult decisions and circumstances, going to a therapist or counsellor is never a bad idea. So many fears, traumas and discourse can arise during the pregnancy for you and/or your partner. Working through these before baby arrives can help avoid many issues in the future. 

Postpartum doulas assist with caring for baby, particularly during those first few months. They also do light housework, cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. You can shower, eat, sleep, spend time with your other children (if you have them) while she cares for your new baby. When your baby needs you, she will bring baby to you. Her sole job is to care for baby so you can get what you need, whatever that is. You may never have changed a diaper or swaddled before you became a parent. A postpartum doula also helps you adjust to the learning curve that is inevitable when becoming a new parent, cutting down on stress and pressure while building confidence. Knowing that you have all the tools to soothe and care for your baby helps cut down on the need for “stuff”.

Postpartum Doula

Lactation consultants can help with any breastfeeding or milk production questions so that you don’t need to buy so much formula or several different breast pumps – maybe all you need is assistance with a better latch. Pelvic floor therapists can help before or after birth with any discomfort or pain you may be experiencing since being pregnant; things like incontinence, pain during sex or prolapse. Friends and family can even pitch in with meal delivery, house cleaning and laundry. Any of these services are extremely beneficial, low cost to the environment and an investment in a happier parenthood. In no way am I saying you won’t want to have things like stuffed animals or baby bathtubs, but do you really need 8 of them?

Reva (sher/her) is founder and owner of Loquat Roots: Doula Services and Holistic Therapy, advocating for millennial birthing people and their wellness. She has been providing families with birth support since 2017, makes her own tea blends for health ailments and birthing people, provides vaginal steaming and offers Access Bars energy healing. She can be reached on social media @loquat_roots or through her website www.loquatroots.com


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