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It’s okay to ask for help Luv

There is an overwhelming truth that women leave looking after themselves Iast. This is a tale as old as time. With the piles of to dos in a day, the thought of taking time for yourself might seem selfish. Allow me to be clear about what I mean when I refer to ‘looking after yourself’.

Women tend to find relief from everyday drudge by booking appointments for their hair and nails or spa days; some women enjoy girls’ days or nights out as well. Those are the best. They could even justify not seeking therapy because they have good friend they talk too. As a result, I hear women state, I don’t need therapy because I have or do all of which I mentioned. Don’t get me wrong I would take part in any of the above with glee. However, to rest solely on these distractions aren’t advisable to help us get out of emotional slumps. They are only temporary means of comfort. They are best used as support systems and are not wise for transforming the wobble of emotional duress. What’s more, the friend you talk to about your problems probably has his or her own problems. Offloading onto others is not entirely a wise solution. Your issues, depending on what the person may have gone through can be traumatizing for them, now there’s two people in need of therapy!

Looking after yourself on my terms means having the courage to ask for help when you aren’t feeling at your emotional best. This path is often halted because of the list of needs others require of us. Women can avoid seeking therapy for overwhelm because it can easily become an additional task. But taking care of your emotional well-being is one of the best things you can do for not just yourself but for your family as well. The reality is therapy is a door to the beginning of finding balance and joy in your life. And in taking this path you add a new perspective to your life that spills over into your professional and more importantly your personal life.

A few signs to look for if you’re unsure that you might not be looking after yourself well.

Unexplained mood swings.

If you’re noticing you’ve taken on more negative moods or thought process ― and it’s persistent. It might be worth talking to someone.

You’re going through a life transformation that could use processing.

This could be a new career, divorce/separation, addition to family or loss of a friend or family member. New ventures are challenging and it’s normal to need assistance with that.

You’re having harmful thoughts.

It is easy to slip into negative thought processes when you are in a low mood. This could be the most significant sign. Definity reach out or call 911 if you feel you are a threat to self.

You’re withdrawing from things that used to bring you joy.

A loss of motivation could signal that something is up. If you’re normally a social butterfly and you’re suddenly pulling away, you could be experiencing something deeper.

You’re feeling isolated or alone.

Many people who deal with trying to manage wobbly feelings feel like they’re singular in dealing with their experience. When you allow yourself space, you’ll realize that you don’t have to go alone.

You’re using a substance to cope with issues in your life.

If you find yourself turning to drugs or alcohol as a way to deal with what’s going on in your life, it might be time to reach out.

You feel like you’ve lost control.

This feeling arises when the demands for life become too much. Overwhelm leads to stress and can feel like you don’t have a handle on what is being required of you. This feeling could place a strain on your relationships and even keep you up at night.

While my sessions use creative exploration techniques to help you reach your goals it’s not essential. If you aren’t comfortable with using the various materials on hand, traditional talk therapy is also available, so you need not worry. You’ll have the opportunity to open up about your thoughts, feelings and circumstances in a private confidential environment. Within the safety of this secure environment, you’ll begin to feel comfortable enough to explore areas of yourself or your life that you’re struggling or unhappy with. Together we make a plan that will help you develop skills and strategies to reduce or manage these stressors.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help for any health issue, including your emotional and mental health. If you have an inclination that you might need to speak with someone, do it. Therapy is a perfectly normal and valuable experience that works to many people’s benefits.

If you’d like to learn more about how I work with women exploring these areas, reach out. I’m offering a 5-session introductory package at a reduced rate to help you get started.

Your best self is calling, reach out to let me help you.

Richelle is a masters trained Art Psychotherapist with over 15 years’ experience. She holds a HCPC* license and BAAT* registration. Over the years Richelle has worked with all ages in the US, UK and now here in Bermuda supporting children, teens and women. Richelle specializes in treating PTSD trauma and grief and loss. Richelle is the founder of CAF. Bermuda Art Therapy Services.

HCPC (Health Care Professional Council, UK)

BAAT (British Association of Art Therapist)


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