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It has been a full year since schools and businesses started closing in initial COVID  lockdowns. Family and Social relationships have changed a lot since then. COVID-19, which emerged in 2019 and spread rapidly around the world and in Bermuda, it has made a great change in the daily lives of individuals and has created a basis for social-emotional psychological problems. It is thought that the individuals that are affected by this situation the most are children, and therefore it will be significant to re-examine the factors of the epidemic experienced today affecting the family-child relationship. Three out of four parents experienced concerns and worries about balancing childcare, their child’s schooling, and their own professional work irrespective of the child’s age. Moreover, parents faced greater difficulty managing their child’s emotions as well as their own. 

The arising parenting challenges surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic may represent an opportune time for us to improve our resilience and model more adaptive strategies and skills. In turn, such skills can promote the development of resilient behaviors in our children. Social isolation and social distancing mean that we are spending more time at home with our families. Being in a confined environment during this unprecedented and stressful time can put a strain on family relationships. Whether you’re with a partner, caring for children, living with teenagers, working from home, or looking after elderly parents, there are several strategies that can help keep your family relationships healthy and positive while under the same roof. Being aware of the potential challenges and finding ways to maintain healthy bonds as well as look after our physical and mental health, will help keep family relationships strong and connected. 

Here are some tips to help maintain positive and resilient family relationships while you are in social isolation. 


Right now, more than ever, it is important to have conversations around communication and what that means for your family. Talk about how family members can work together to encourage positive and respectful communication at home and set some rules and boundaries. 

Quality Family Time 

Embrace this time as an opportunity to spend quality family time together. Pulling together during tough times can help build stronger bonds and resilience. Create time during each day for family time to happen. 

Reach Out to Others 

While the pandemic is not over yet, it wouldn’t hurt to reach out to others possibly going through the same situation as you. You can share tips and ideas to foster a better social and family relationship.  


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