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Author: Dakia O’Brien 

Covid – 19 has had us all tap into our creative sides a bit more and I bet all of our screen times have gone up a notch or two! We spend our time browsing the internet for content that serves our interest. If you are like me and enjoy food then you are always on Pinterest, Tastemade or Food Porn. The images are bright and colourful and the recipes are seemingly easy, right? And when the titles boast these are easy meals in under which can be created in five minutes, I’m intrigued. 

But let’s be honest here, not every night we can sharpen our steel and get our Bobby Flay on. Some nights we simply need to just get it done. As a mother who works two jobs, an entrepreneur and a student, I understand. Many nights I have served Spaghetti O’s (no shame whatsoever).  

It doesn’t have to be this way all the time though. It’s time for parents to get their kids more involved in cooking and being expressive with their favourite foods. Understand what your child likes and dislikes and see what both of you have in common. Once you know, you can save money on ingredients and time by creating dishes that both of you like. 

Let’s start with the basics. What does just about every kid in the entire world love? Pizza! 

Pizza originated in Italy somewhere around the 19th Century and then made its way to America. Chicago and New York are notably some of the best places to visit for a ‘’pie”.  So what is pizza? It’s essentially broken up into three elements the crust, the sauce and the toppings. 

The Crust – Pizza crust has taken on a new life in itself. There are gluten free, vegan, sugar-free crusts available. You can use stick bread, bagels, flatbreads, just about anything to serve as the foundation. 

The sauce – We can all agree that the sauce is the glue of the pizza. For me it’s even more important than the toppings. Whether it’s pesto, alfredo, or the traditional marinara sauce your options are vast.  

Toppings – This is an open category. Anything goes. Put whatever you love on top! 

On my pizza I like bacon, mushrooms and onions; things my daughter Rhielle does not like! She is very simple with her pizzas, marinara sauce and cheese will do for her. When making pizza I often allow her to create funny faces which help her to explore with different colors and vegetables. And for me. I make calzones and put my “nasty toppings” as Rhi would say inside it.  

Both are quick and easy to make, and by using the leftover pizza crust, I not only save time but I save money as well.  

Recently, Rhielle made a Hello Kitty-inspired pizza with mozzarella cheese, olives, red peppers and carrots. These are items she normally wouldn’t eat at all, so mommy is winning with this one! I stuffed my calzone with mozzarella cheese, spinach and mushrooms. 

 Quick, healthy and delicious for the both of us.  

Dakia O’Brien, is the owner of Wild Wing Wednesday and cohosts of The Picky Little Eaters Club along with her seven-year-old daughter Rhielle. The Picky Little Eaters Club is a weekly Live where children showcase their cooking skills. The Picky Little Eaters Club can be found on Instagram @The.Picky.Little.Eaters.Club and on Facebook @The Picky Little Eaters Club. BPM 


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