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Premier Support While Studying Abroad

Have you had the ‘money talk’ yet?

Chances are you’ve been busy, too busy navigating school applications, acceptance letters, and everything else that comes along with studying abroad to think about financial matters. Don’t panic, HSBC can help relieve some of that stress!

Sending children overseas to study is a big moment in your family’s life. While there is bound to be anxiety, it’s also exciting. Whether in boarding school or college, kids have a knack for spending money – from dorm room essentials to school supplies, entertainment, and lots of extras. They may be away, but they’re not financially independent. The best way to keep their finances in check is with an HSBC Premier account.

Did you know that when you qualify for Premier status you can extend your privileges to your children up to the age of 28? With a Premier account, HSBC gives your entire family personalized support, expert financial advice, exclusive benefits, and a dedicated Relationship Manager.

Benefits for students studying abroad include:
  • Global Premier status for your children wherever they are studying and/or travelling.
  • Overseas Educational Support. Your child receives free pre-arrival international HSBC Premier account setup. This ensures a smooth transition before and after their arrival in their destination country.
  • Your children’s Premier status is extended to the age of 28. They are supported through university and as they establish their careers.
  • Global Network Connectivity. Global view management of all their accounts with a single log-on, and an instantaneous fee-free funds transfer between you and your child’s local and international HSBC bank accounts via Global Transfers.
  • 24/7 Premier Support. Around the clock access to the Premier Contact Centre no matter where in the world your children are studying.
  • Premier rates for educational loan and foreign exchange when funds are needed in other currencies.

At HSBC family is important, and our Premier bank account was designed to help you live life to the fullest. Even if your children aren’t studying abroad, here are some benefits they can enjoy (up to the age of 28).

  • Family Springboard Mortgage. Once they are finished with school and ready to take that next step, your child can purchase their first home with little or no down payment, with the support of additional security (cash or property) in lieu of a down payment. Not only will your child enjoy the preferential rate of a Premier Mortgage, but your security can also be released after 5 years.
  • Financial planning for your family’s future. Whether it’s planning for retirement, education costs or growing your wealth, you can get expert advice to reach your goals. When it comes to protecting your assets, as a Premier customer you’ll also receive preferential rates on your insurance.
  • Premier My Savings Youth Account. A savings account starting at age 7 with extended eligibility to 25 (for Premier Customers only) with preferential monthly and bonus quarterly interest rates.
  • HSBC Premier cards and digital payment empower your child to spend responsibly while enjoying Premier privileges and offers.
  • Premier credit cards. Access to premium credit card options that gives you additional reward points when you spend, and access to exclusive privileges and offers. Premier also offers Bermuda’s only credit cards without an annual fee.
  • Enjoy thousands of ‘Home & Away’ offers, with some that are exclusive to HSBC Premier account holders, each time you or your family use their debit or credit cards.

To apply for an HSBC Premier Account, you need to meet certain financial and other eligibility criteria. Further information visit: www.hsbc.bm/premier or call: 441-299-5252

Contact HSBC today and start living the Premier life!


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