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Staycation And Other Vacations

Whether you stay or vacate your work from home premises, what matters is that after a year and a half of turmoil and kerfuffle the entire family is ready to switch things up.

Like you, I am bored inside the house and so are our children. Don’t you miss the adrenaline surge of rushing to get your kids out of the house to school and then rushing to pick them up for one too many after school activities? I know you never thought you would say ‘yes’ to this question. Planning a vacation or staycation is one sure way to move you and your loved ones out of the Covid-19 doldrums.

I know there are lots of questions parents like us have as we try to determine how comfortable we are with traveling during or even after a pandemic. Such things like: Travelling with family members or children that are not vaccinated; what sort of accommodation is the safest; what are the travel restrictions and what other types of restrictions are at the desired destination. It all comes down to each family’s health situation and appetite for risk.

Whatever you decide, the need for a break and recalibration is welcomed now more than ever. This year’s vacation is quite arguably a necessity for all of us. We all must seek out opportunities to expose our families to new people, places, and experiences. Help them to discover how multifaceted and complex they are as human beings.

With suitcase and masks in hand we are all ready to embrace this brave new world, differently but with gratitude, excitement, and a sense of adventure. We need to bond outside of our homes, experience again the joys of travel whether that be at your local hotel, Airbnb or jet setting somewhere exotic. It is your choice to make this summer memorable, form deep connections, experience joy, and relaxation as you navigate the new ways of traveling and stay healthy. Now off you go and make some great memories!

To help you get going consider this question:

What one experience would you love to do as a family that you have not yet done? Now do some research and start making plans.


Lorene Phillips is a former successful business executive now sought after leadership and career coach. She works with individuals to build the successful career and life they desire. She is the co-author of the book ’29 Keys to Parenting and Win! She now resides in Bermuda and is happily married to her husband Eugene and they are the proud parents of 3 adult sons and 2 active German shepherd dogs Remus and Dakota.


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